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No Depression

"Billy Manzik’s “All Together Now” is a great record from an extremely versatile musician -" By ‘Rebel’ Rod Ames I received this record for review a couple weeks back and have listened to it twice so far, just trying to figure out why I haven’t heard of Billy Manzik before. As I’ve stated time and time again. I live in a very rural part of Texas where radio is about as bland as radio can get. There is one exception; Big G’s Texas Road Show, but that doesn’t even air until midnight which of course is way past this listener’s bedtime, unless I happen to be guesting on the show. When that happens, I have to take a nap in order to stay awake until 2am.

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Billy Manzik - AllTogetherNow (CD, Rawlco Radio, Pop/rock)

Once again a Canadian beats Americans at their own game. Thunder Bay, Ontario's Billy Manzik writes cool, bluesy, Americana-based pop/rock that is fueled by genuine sincerity. AllTogetherNow blasts off with the hyper Buddy Holly-ish "On A Road"...which serves as the perfect introduction. Manzik writes and records music that is classic in nature and inherently real. Instead of using technology as a tool to write and create, Billy's songs utilize traditional instruments and incorporate ideas from the past. And yet the songs never come across sounding like a retread of times gone by. And man, what a voice this guy has. Manzik is one of those up-and-coming artists who could easily become hugely popular if all the pieces just happen to fit together. Firmly addicting cuts include "Consigned," "The Needle Threads," and "Note To Self." Good solid stuff with a conscience.


Billy Manzik on CBC Alberta's Key of A

Coming up on the Key of A
Join host Katherine Duncan this Saturday from 5 - 6 p.m. on CBC Radio One in Alberta for Key of A, a program that's all about Alberta music, artists and events.
A packed show this week on the Key of A, with a live performance recorded at the Ironwood Stage and Grill in Calgary, featuring the trio of female singer-songwriters known as The Fates. Plus, a debut EP release from a talented young Edmonton singer named Erica Viegas; and Billy Manzik's sophomore full-length album, All Together Now. Original, Made-in-Alberta music every Saturday afternoon on the Key of A!


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